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University of Belgrade

Bucerius Pre-Doctoral Grant

The status, role and ongoing challenges to the public broadcasting service in the changing social, economic and communication environment: the cases of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina


This study attempts to research the position, role, functioning, and the future of public service broadcasters (PSBs) in three countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia – taking into account many challenges these media are facing with, and especially the changing paradigm promoted recently by the European Union (EU). The analysis of the current state and future development of PSBs will focus on the following areas – politics and PSB, EU accession and PSB regulation, markets and financial models for PSB, digitalization and technologic development, and providing public services in ethnically plural and divided societies.

Davor Marko currently attends Ph.D. studies in culture and communication at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He holds a MA in Democracy and Human Rights, joint-degree awarded by the University of Sarajevo and Bologna. He worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia as an academic tutor, media researcher, analyst and project coordinator as well as collaborator of Analitika, Kult, Mediaplan, Mediacenter, Centre for Human Rights, Novi Sad School of Journalism. He conducted numerous research projects on media contents related to the presentation of diversitites. In the academic year 2011/2012 he worked as media consultant for the University in Edinburgh, UK, and was research fellow at the Open Society Fund, BiH.

Media in minority languages on Western Balkans: Freedom, Access, Marginalization. Edited volume. Sarajevo: Media plan institute, 2013. Editor.

Izvještavanje o marginalizovanim i ranjivim grupama u BiH: Analiza medijskih sadržaja. Publication. Banja Luka: Helsinški parlament građana Banja Luka, 2013. Co-editor (with Dragana Dardić)

Media Reforms in Turbulent Times: The Role of Media Assistance in the Establishment of Independent Media Institutions in Serbia, Working paper, Sarajevo: Centre for Social Research Analitika, 6/2013.

“Power Constellation(s), Symbolic Divisions and Media: Perception of Islam as a Personalized, “Minorized” and Subordinated Part of Serbian Society,” in Cvetičanin and Spasić (ed.) Us and Them: Symbolic Divisions in Wester Balkan Societies, (University of Belgrade: The Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 2013), 179 – 195.

„Fear Control in Media Discourse“, academic paper, Southeastern Europe 37 , 2013, Pg. 200–219

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