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University of Leipzig

Bucerius Pre-Doctoral Grant

Ukraine´s East-West Division and Remaking of Ukraine´s Regional Histories and Identities in Russian and Ukrainian Political and Media Discourses


The research seeks to explore how histories and identities of regions were functionalized in existing discourses on Ukraine´s East-West division during the Russian-Ukrainian information warfare of the last few years. The research employs critical discourse analysis for examining the process of remaking regional histories, identities and ideologies in Russian and Ukrainian political and media discourses.

Zhanna Mylogorodska is a doctoral student at the University of Leipzig, who currently works in Berlin as a coordinator of a project on conflict mediation at the European Janusz Korczak Academy. Zhanna studied German Linguistics and World Literature in her hometown Kyiv Media and Communications as well as and European Studies at the University of Leipzig. She cooperated with the Franco-German Research Centre March Bloch for the Social Sciences for projects about Ukraine. Zhanna is interested particularly in the politics of history in Eastern Europe and regionalism of Ukraine. 

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