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Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland / Georgian-American University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Bucerius Fieldwork Grant

Contested Past: Public Space and Uses of History in Cluj-Napoca and Lviv. Comparative Approach


The main focus of the research is the comparative analysis of public space development of Cluj-Napoca and Lviv and of cities’ ‘story-telling’, the way in which narratives of cities’ past are constructed and recreated and how history is being used. The thesis introduces the general trends of urban changes in both cities and deals comprehensively with oral and written narratives related to urban landscape. The attitudes and narratives of different social and ethnic groups concerning memory sites in the cities are analyzed. The project implies the analysis of idiosyncrasies of narratives constructed by the cityscapes and those constructed about them, as well as examining the influence of transformation processes on the historical representations of the cities.

Yulia Oreshina is completing her Ph.D. studies in history at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Poland, and currently is writing her thesis. She teaches Theories of Culture, Sociology of City, and Historical narratives and cultural memory in post-communist societies at Georgian-American University in Tbilisi, Georgia. Yulia obtained M.A. degree in sociology from Lancaster University, UK, and in cultural studies (with the special focus on Central and Eastern Europe) from Warsaw University in Poland. Yulia Oreshina’s scientific interests lie in fields of urban studies and cultural memory studies with the particular focus on post-communist societies, especially in Central-Eastern Europe and Caucasus.

2015: Oreshina Y. Cluj-Napoca and Lviv: cities with similar memory? In: Nędza-Sikoniowska Kinga, Pirveli Marika (red.) Miasto (Post)socjalistyczne. Przestrzeń władzy, Vol. 1, Kraków 2015
2013: Oreshina Y. Cluj-Napoca in communist Romania: anatomy of urban changes and memory, In: Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska, Sectio F, Vol. LXVIII, 1-2, Lublin 2013
ОрєшинаЮ. Клуж-НапокатаЛьвів – «полябитв» пам’ятічисконструйованіміфологеми? Online publication at
(Oreshina Y. Cluj-Napoca and Lviv: „battlefields od memory” or constructed mythologems?) 

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