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Central European University

Bucerius Ph.D. Fellow

The Transformation of New Russia (Novorosiia): From Province to Myth


The purpose of the project is twofold. The first part deals with processes of the past ‒ the incorporation of the Pontic Steppe into the Russian Empire (1775-1835), which went hand in hand with the transformation of local Cossacks from frontier brotherhood into an estate within the imperial society. This process, however, has not yet been satisfactorily analysed, mainly because the heirs to Russian elites (both imperial and post-imperial), and the heirs to the Cossack tradition, Ukrainian nationbuilders, almost immediately instrumentalized its image. Thus, in order to become a proper full-fledged study, my project also deals with the development of Novorossia myth throughout the 19th century as well as its reemergence and exploitation in the current events.

Andriy Posunko started his studies of Eastern European history at Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine. He received a B.A. and continued his post-graduate research at Central European University (Budapest) under the supervision of Professor Alfred J. Rieber. Recently Andriy Posunko has also completed research trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he was collecting archival sources as a fellow of the German Historical Institute. Andriy's research interests include the military history of the Russian, Ottoman and Habsburg Empires in the comparative perspective, as well as contemporary (ab)uses of history in commemorative practices.

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