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Dublin City University

Bucerius Pre-Doctoral Grant

Conflict Resolution Mechanisms Fostered by Civil Society. A Comparative Study


The project aims at investigating mechanisms by which the civil society can foster sustainable conflict resolution and peace processes in two states, i.e. Afghanistan and Pakistan, from a comparative perspective. It draws on the theoretical assumption that actors of the civil society can contribute to different extents to conflict resolution and peacemaking processes, depending on their interests, organisational capacity and legislative environment. By providing spaces of interaction and constructive dialogue, civic initiatives may influence conflict transformation and transition processes towards sustainable peace. A multi-method research design involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches is used for pursuing the research questions, and for providing results sustained by robust empirical evidence.

Cornelia Baciu is currently working as Risk Analyst at a crisis and security management consultancy in Konstanz, Germany. She studied Political Sciences and European Studies at the University of Konstanz, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and the University of Iasi, Romania. During her Master, Cornelia Baciu did one month field research in Pakistan and India and completed an internship at the Terrorism Prevention Branch, United Nations, in Vienna. Moreover she was voluntarily active in several organizations in India, Germany and Romania for more than five years. Her recent work focuses on conflict resolution, security studies and civil society.

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